Brand new Young Farmer of the Year trophy unveiled

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Brand new Young Farmer of the Year trophy unveiled

New Zealand Young Farmers and rural insurer FMG have today unveiled a brand new trophy for the FMG Young Farmer of the Year contest - with this year’s winner to be the first recipient.

The trophy was revealed this afternoon as part of an official blessing in Canterbury.

“In constructing the trophy FMG and NZ Young Farmers wanted to recognise and honour the tradition of the contest and acknowledge the history and journey of farming in New Zealand”

says FMG Chief Executive Chris Black.

“To help achieve that we’ve used raw materials from the land such as Rimu and Paua, included elements such as number 8 wire and with Pounamu have acknowledged the cultural heritage of the sector.

“Both organisations feel it’s a magnificent award, one that is befitting of the hard work and effort needed to be recognised as New Zealand’s Young Farmer of the Year” says Mr. Black.

Another feature which has been returned to the trophy is the names of all 47 previous winners.  In addition to this, space has been allocated for 20 more names ensuring the trophy can be used for many years to come.

“New Zealand Young Farmers is very proud of this stunning new trophy and is looking forward to showcasing it – and awarding it to this year’s winner at the Grand Final of the FMG Young Farmer of the Year contest in Timaru in July” says Terry Copeland, CEO of NZ Young Farmers.

“Its strength and beauty matches the passion and commitment of the contestants, and further cements the relationship FMG has with us in lifting the skills and ability of our future rural leaders” says Mr. Copeland.

Details of the trophy: (hopefully we can put a photo in here and have some graphics coming off the image with the points below).

  • The trophy weighs around 6kg and is around 480mm tall
  • The base is a steel plate
  • The plinth is made of Heart Rimu sourced from Poplar Lane in Christchruch - post the earthquakes
  • The top of the plinth is made from steel plate.
  • The frame is fabricated from number 8 wire
  • The top ring is a steel plate
  • Within the frame is Pounamu sourced from the Arahura Valley on the West Coast
  • Inlaid into the top and also the underside of the top ring is Paua from Invercargill.

Background to the new trophy

In designing the award, FMG and NZ Young Farmers worked closely together with an aim to reference various elements of New Zealand agriculture.

The Base

Steel was chosen to reflect the engineering side of farming – showcasing the country’s history of great engineers.

The Plinth

The Heart Rimu acknowledges the role existing resources played for pioneering farmers. Rimu, Totara, Matai and Kauri were all important to early farmers in building, fencing and farm infrastructure.  

The Rimu has been sourced from Poplar Lane in Christchruch post the earthquakes.

Ex-earthquake timber was used to reflect the ingenuity of pioneer farmers who would make the most of all materials that they found.

The Frame

The fencing wire started life as standard, coiled fencing wire. It had to be made perfectly straight before being precisely bent to a very accurate geometry.  Each piece has been laboriously polished by hand to achieve a mirror perfect finish. Each piece has been brazed into the top and bottom plates, and then polished off to make a seamless connection.

The seven strands of No 8 wire represent the seven regions represented by the finalists

The Frame’s shape

The helix conveys a sense of momentum in its outward spirals – referencing the ongoing growth of New Zealand agriculture and its far reaching impact around the globe.


Pounamu has been included inside the trophy to reflect indigenous agriculture. A simple design has been used to echo a basic agricultural tool. The Pounamu is from Arahura on the West Coast. This is where early Maori sourced much of their Pounamu for tools.


The top and bottom of the top ring has inlaid Paua. This is to reflect both the maritime and geographical nature of New Zealand agriculture. The underside uses Paua with a blue colouring - the topside uses a natural tone. This recognises New Zealand’s unique position as an island in between the sea and the sky. The underside is reflected in the polished surface of the plinth-lid when looking down on it.

About the relationship

FMG is the principal sponsor of the New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year contest.