A message from ANZ

Posted by on 30 November 2012 | Comments

ANZ is proud to be the National Sponsor of the ANZ Young Farmer Contest. 2013 marks the 10th year of the Bank's association with the Contest and we're keen to mark this significant milestone. To demonstrate our commitment to the Agri sector, ANZ is pleased to introduce the ANZ Young Farmer Staff Volunteer Programme.

The programme is an exciting new initiative created by ANZ, with the intention of encouraging more of our staff to be involved with local community projects where the seven Regional Finals are to be held. The benefits are two-fold, whereby we'll be helping support projects in the local communities and at the same time we'll be helping promote the Contest.

This week we will be sending letters to our customers, introducing the volunteer programme and encouraging our customers to suggest community based projects with us that they need some help in completing. We will then put forward three of the top ideas per region and encourage our customers to visit their local branch to vote on their favourite idea. We will then announce one winning task at each of the seven Regional Finals.

ANZ staff will aim to complete the seven projects soon after the winners are announced. More information to follow on this part of the programme.

ANZ is keen to invite members of the NZYF network to:
Share some community projects in your area that could use some extra hands. Send your name, business name, which Regional Final location this project relates to and a community suggestion, with a brief description on what you would like to see ANZ staff assist with, plus a short explanation as to what it would mean to get this project completed to anzyoungfarmercontest@anz.com
We would be delighted to have members of the NZYF network become involved with the ANZ staff volunteer teams to lend some extra hands, and to help us successfully complete the winning task in your Region.

We are excited to introduce this community focused programme and hope that this will encourage closer engagement between ANZ staff and the communities where we have ANZ branches.